Sustainable Development, Start-ups and Anything Involving The Word “Entrepeneur”

At Bilbie Dan we are extremely fortunate to act for some amazing clients who are truly at the forefront of cutting edge, sustainable technology and developments. 

As a result of these opportunities and our pre-existing focus on, and experience in, this particular area, we have developed a skillset perfectly position to assist any business with a focus on sustainable technology and development, whether that be with business strategy generally, the need to raise capital, access government funding, source and secure funding opportunities, protect valuable intellectual property or to negotiate, draft and finalise agreements critical to initial and ongoing success of your business.

Specifically, presently we act for app and web developers, property developers committed to creating off-grid developments, an alliance of energy technology providers committed to together creating new, sustainable technologies and creators and owners of exciting, sustainable technology which has the potential to not only generate wealth for the owners of the technology, but also to assist the world in which we live, in exciting positive ways.

These opportunities, to work with, and assist, these clients, are the opportunities that make us spring out of bed in the mornings!